An integrated economy within the area of consulting also requires networks and problem based temporary special teams.

Following years of successful cooperation in numerous projects, our team has at its disposal a trustworthy and competence based network of both national and international scientific and practical experts. Under the direction and in coordination with conos and relative to the needs of our clients optimised customer solutions can be worked out.


Erlebnisplan GmbH

Roberto Di Valentino and Matthias Imdorf
Being both creative and “slightly mad” we work together with our network partners developing attractions and communications… within the tourism environment. The conos gmbh as far as we are concerned is a very valuable „sparring partner“. Due to their competence, they bring the necessary strategic and tourism corrective into our projects.



„conos and diavendo have been working together successfully in various projects for several years. We are proud of the joint successes and rate conos very highly as a competent professional partner!“ Diavendo is specialised in employee development within companies which are closely related to all branches of the industry, especially with hotels and tourism. The main focus is individual training and coaching in the areas of communications, quality control, leadership and distribution and sales.


Klaus Bischof

Managing Director of Bischof Immobilien GmbH, Judenburg - Vienna
„As specialists in the field of Hotels and Holiday Homes we are glad to be their point of contact and work together very closley with conos gmbh. Our joint mission is to always provide the client with the best possible result. Tourism and Property are very tightly bonded, as without a funktional concept the property is difficult to utilise. Our good working relationship bears fruit and this is how it should be in the future as well.“


Dr. Gottfried Bischof

„Legal advice and tourism company consultancy contain numerous points of contact. As a consequence we have been successfully cooperating with conos for many years with issues concerning Property, Company or Contract rights. We appreciate especially the profound knowledge of the Branch that the conos consultancy team posesses“.


G7 Tourism Consulting Gmbh

As a partner of con.os Gmbh G7 Tourism Consultancy Gmbh under the management of Christian Grünbart MMBA MSc is a company specialising in Hotel Management. In doubling up with conos the Client is provided not only with an innovative strategic Concept and new positioning of his Hotel, but also a sound and operationally sustainable conception of the essential structure of the Hotel. At the same time focus is above all, on the realisation of the conceptual elements relating to service, new to be adapted procedure in consideration of the current workforce structures, quality control and Marketing.


Image Consulting

Image Consulting is the point of contact in the German speaking part of the world in all matters referring to Image, Style and Manners. As a rule a perfect appearance is, especially in a Touristic environment, is a brand new topic. To be able to represent yourself and by being sure and authentic makes you sympathetic, authentic and successful. The Image Consulting team is made up of 6 members of Staff, who individually and personally take care of the look, the appearance and the manners of both company teams and individuals. The company, which moved into new premises in the Palaise Zollamt in Linz in 2015, has been involved extremely successfully in this area for more than 10 years. Thanks to the cooperation with conos the topic of Style & Image is being conveyed in the area of Tourism in a modern and contemporary way more and more through individual Trainings and Coaching.


HR Partners

HR Partners – Your personal Partner providing individual solutions for all questions concerning Search, Selection and Appointment of Staff and Executives. Your Partner if you would like to delegate the whole search or individual steps, or if you just want to make an anonymous and discreetly carried out search.


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Handelskammer Schweiz-Österreich-Liechtenstein



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