What do we stand for?

At conos gmbh we see ourselves as a boutique management consultancy, specialised in the areas of tourism and leisure as well as related service branches. At the core of our work stands the resource of people. Everything we do has evolved out of being passionate about people looking after people. This enables us to have a trained eye for detail and the diversity of our subjects. At the same time we stay on the ball: Current trends and developments like the increase in digitalisation, sustainable travel and holistic human resource management are part of our core competences.

We are entrepreneurs for businesses. Therefore, our clients should not only expect top performances from us, but conos gmbh also stands for esteem, honesty, loyalty as well as dealing efficiently. However, we also possess the ability to be highly critical and to be open to conflict. This helps us, together with our clients, to be able to work out successful solutions.

Our Understanding – our Mission and Vision:

We focus on comprehensive strategic success factors within the tourism and service industry.

We know that only the success factors of people and their actions can have a lasting effect. For that reason we regard the human capital a company possesses as being of special importance.

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